Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Hillside Cafe Bar & Restaurant

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I'm finally done with my final exam although I don't think I did quite well but, let's just hope alright? Since i'm already half way to my holiday, I'm gonna share a post about a cafe I visited last few weeks. Stated on my title YES! I wanted to go Gusto Cafe for my breakfast but it was close and since, The Hillside Cafe is just opposite it, I was thinking why not?

Big sign, i'm sure you wouldn't miss it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NARS Cosmetics

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Hey guys! Stated on my title, NARS Cosmetics has finally open a counter in Parkson @ Gurney Plaza! I haven't visit their counter yet but I'm so excited for it as I've been looking for it around in Penang and they don't have a counter in Sephora so it's a definitely good news for me!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Short update (Preview)

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Hey guys, this post is dedicated to all my readers who has constantly reading my blog but see no new post. I'm sorry for not updating lately as I've been caught up with my Modeling Competition and my finals exam are no where far, I left approximately 15 days and i'm no where to preparation. You all know how hard STPM can be and I'm truly struggling like mad. But no worries, I will make a comeback ASAP after my exam and I have a lot of things to share with you guys! So please stay tune! I can't wait for my exam to ends so I focus more on my job :)


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pinktober @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

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Hello people! Sorry for my long absentee, I was busy with my trials but it's over! All I have to do is get ready for my finals next month. Anyway, yesterday Hard Rock Hotel Penang, celebrated Pinktober. Just so you know, pinktober is known as pink october. Pinktober is basically like a breast cancer awareness and they decorate everything pink!

For this event, Yuenie came along with me because you know it's at Hard Rock and I'm not eligible to drive up all the way yet. So, before that, we both had our dinner at Hard Rock Restaurant. Thank you Hard Rock for the dinner. I love the Aglio Olio so much ^^

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kiss Me x Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner & Heroine Make Eyeliner Black

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Hey people!Today's write is all about makeup. We girls would know that the most important makeup you need is an eyeliner. Eyeliner plays a vital role in order to change your look. Buying an eyeliner is one thing but finding a good one is another thing. I've been searching for a good eyeliner and you can always see me entering SaSa or Sephora shop just to use the tester. 

After finding for so long, let me introduce to you all Kiss Me. It's originated from Japan and they have various line of eyeliner for you to choose. Personally when it comes to eyeliner, I prefer using liquid because it's more neat and i'm an amateur user so using a pencil is not quite ideal for me. Furthermore, eyeliner's line are now advancing to instead of using a thin sleek brush, they now comes with pen. I love using pen because it's more convenient.

The other day I walked pass SaSa and I was looking for eyeliner and I saw KissMe brand. I tried and I was wowed by it. I always love dark black sleek eyeliner I don't know why. We all know finding a waterproof and smudge free eyeliner is easy but getting the right one is hard. You really have to spend a lot to really know what's good.

Let me introduce you the first eyeliner I got.

KissMe Heavy Rotation Marken Pen Eyeliner #1 Deep Black (RM 49.90)

It's a marker type so it's a bit fat. I have mono lids and I need thick eyeliner to really enhance my eye.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sushi Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

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Hello! Recently I've exploring and eating a lot so I though of why not I share with you guys instead of some reviews. We all love Japanese food don't we? If you hate Japanese food, you got some issue.

This post was suppose to be posted like weeks ago but due to hectic weeks, I post it now. Stated in my title I went to have my dinner at Sushi Zanmai. Sunshi Zanmai is by far the cheapest and the best Sushi you can get in town! Don't get me wrong where the other sushi stores are not nice, But they are slightly pricey. You agree with me? I think you would. 

Una Tama Don (RM 13.80)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bittersweet Cafe @ Armenian Street [Review]

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It's holiday week already! Time passes so fast. After this week, I have to work hard and get ready for my trials and soon my final will be here soon. I just can't wait for my 1st semester to end!! 

Well, you know when it's holiday, you really have to enjoy despite having all those homework stacking up. 

Anyway, the other me and my ladies decided to head up to another cafe to dine in. So we were actually late for lunch and we had our late lunch. We decided to go Bittersweet Cafe @ Armenian Street.
We actually wanted to come here on Sunday after Starwalk but it was really jam and it's kinda hard for us.
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